Types of flooring

The type of flooring that you install in your home is one of the most challenging consideration you will require when decorating and designing your home. Flooring material will depend on some factors, for example, the cost of the material, color, installation, and durability and cleaning and maintenance among others. Depending on the type of flooring material you choose, different materials have their own unique functions, benefits, cons, and qualities. Choose a type of flooring material based on your objectives and economy.

What are some types of flooring material that you can use for your home?

1. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most classic and popular types of flooring used today. Hardwood flooring tends to have unmatched natural and dazzling beauty. They trap less dirt, less likely to get stained, easy to clean, require few and simple techniques to clean and are easy to maintain. Their cost may vary depending on the type of wood used. Some types of hardwood flooring materials include cherry, maple and bamboo floors among others.

2. Ceramic flooring

Ceramic floors are strong, durable, stain resistant, and waterproof and come with a variety of designs and colors. Ceramic tiles are inorganic and they possess resistance, hardness, and brittleness properties. They are easy to clean and install

3. Glass flooring

Glass flooring is mostly used for special conditions and places. They are mostly used in commercial activities or as well as residential. They provide a beautiful appearance to the room due to their ability to transmit light from one floor to another. They are expensive, smooth, dirt resistant, and easy to clean.

4. Cork flooring

Cork is a material obtained from cork oat tree. Cork flooring materials are expensive and are available in form of colored sheets and tiles. Often they can be glued down or installed as a floating floor. Cork is mostly recognized for its shock and sound absorbing abilities. They are also anti-allergenic and insect-resistant.

5. Stone flooring

Stone flooring is one of the most durable types of flooring material available. With the different varieties of stones, natural stone flooring comes in different types like sandstone, marble, granite, and limestone among others. Stone flooring is generally durable, natural, and beautiful and of high-quality. They are can also withstand high temperatures.

6. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is formed by blending several layers of materials together. They provide a durable, strong, and scratch, fade, and stain resistant properties. Laminate flooring is easy to clean and maintain and usually comes with a wide variety of designs and colors.

Flooring is one of the components that add value and beauty to any home. When choosing flooring material, choose the material that suite your decoration needs, durable, economical, and one that is easy to clean and maintain.